Rastrum Ltd
Located in the ancient cinque port of Rye, we at Rastrum Ltd are a busy enterprise covering in excess of a quarter of a million square feet of storage and office space. We have become a major force in the development of the area. Once upon a time Rye Wharf was a historically important community, but when we first established in 1996, the dock was just distressing with no ships to be seen it just laid dormant. But after we arrived, we brought back the hive of activity that the area sorely needed.

We are offering the following services:

  • Shipping Facilities
  • Warehousing
  • Office Space
  • New -1000 – 25000 sq ft units
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Filming Locations
  • Storage

Need some storage space for your goods? Well look no further than us! We have over 250,000 sq ft of clean, dry and secure storage space within our warehouse. We are able to cater for all sized items from businesses wanting to find somewhere to hold their goods to holding different vehicles like cars, boats, trucks, lorries and caravans. At our facilities, we can hold your goods for either a short or long term basis. We have the space to hold loosely stacked and palleted items and even large machinery. For those who need shelf storage, we have a large variety of racking solutions which can be constructed to fit your needs.

For those that need help moving goods, we have a range of warehouse machinery available, such as forklifts which are capable of carrying up to 7 tons. The machines have various extensions too like fork extensions and drum grabs designed to help with specific sized goods. There are so many benefits with using our storage warehouse like our 24 hour on-site security and our competitive prices.

We have a fully functioning shipping dock available to help companies import and export a variety of goods across the world. The dock is big enough to take ships up to 90 metres in length which is subject to the Harbour Masters approval and daylight navigation. Access to the quay is subject to tide too and our stevedores are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help in any way they can but the only day they are not available is Christmas Day. We can handle most cargoes from boats in bulk, bags, palleted goods and timber and we can provide customs approved transit sheds for your stock too.

We have machinery on site to help move all of your stock like cranes (that can lift up to 10 tons), Excavators (up to 40 tons), Fork lifts (from 1 to 7 tons), and Loading shovels (up to 8 tons). You can hire them at very competitive rates with or without operators.

As an added bonus, with also have hundreds of sq feet of office space available to all sizes of business. With bespoke office solutions and competitive rates with both short and long term leasing – it is really becoming a business hub in the local area! It really is a nice place to work, just imagine looking out onto the water while you work and seeing the boats dock into port.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you!

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Rye Wharf, Harbour Road, Rye, East Sussex. TN31 7TE