Rye Bay Coffee Co.
We at Rye Bay Coffee Co are coffee suppliers in Hastings, Sussex and Kent. We can provide you a complete, door to door supply of coffee, machines and coffee supplies for your Cafe, Restaurant, Office or home. We will have everything you will ever need for serving and selling great Coffees, Teas and other drinks.

Our full range of services include:

  • Leading coffee machines to buy or rent
  • Great selection of coffee, coffee beans and extras
  • Full range of popular teas and other drinks
  • Responsive repair service

We stock a wide range of coffee machines to suit all different requirements – if you are unsure of what will best suit you and your business then we are more than happy to advise you on the best and the most cost effective coffee machine for you. We also offer a choice on coffee machines – to purchase or rent. The option helps businesses minimize a capital investment if needed. The machines we supply are as hard working and robust as anything on the market but with a wider configuration. We stock a wide selection of machines from small ultra compact single group machines up to large 4 group giants. To newbie buyers they can be quite daunting to buy as there are so many assortments but as we have said we are here to advise and guide you to make the right decision. We will also come and fix your machine for you too when a problem arises, and get you serving again as soon as possible.

We supply the most popular coffees around. All of our stock is fresh and ready to be purchased. However if you are after something a little more ‘bespoke’ then we can always accommodate you and order it in fresh from an appropriate roaster. Our finest, most popular coffees brands include:

  • Rye Bay Blends – Riposo Blend, and Sienna Blend.
  • Rye Bay Single Origin – Organic & Fairtrade Sumatra, Femenino, San Marino, Este Fairtrade Espresso, Kenyan AA, Mysore, Mexican Margogypo, Kenyan Peaberry, Java, Monsoon Malabar, Brazilian Decaff, Colombian, La Bastilla Nicaraguan, Mocha, & Swiss Water Decaff.
  • Pedron Coffees – Pendron Coffee Beans, and Pedron Decaff.

We also have a lovely choice of Rye Bay Teas, chocolates & other drinks to satisfy all your customers. There’s a range of delicious flavours from fruity teas to green teas available. We also have a selection of both loose teas and teabags to choose from – we know more than most that people have different preferences on what they like best.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we are here to help in any way possible!

You can also visit our local coffee shop ‘Rye Bay Kitchen’ – A comfortable, relaxing place, open daily for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

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Rye Bay Kitchen (Coffee Shop) Opening Hours