Are you thinking of joining a running club? Perhaps the lingering thoughts behind your New Years Resolution, or shedding some pounds pre holiday? Running clubs have become more common in recent years, and can be found throughout the county should you be inclined.  Running clubs are not just for the fitness fanatics in lycra among us, offering a diverse and friendly membership.  Joining a club is an excellent motivational tool, allowing you to adopt a slightly different mindset and take the hobby slightly more seriously.

It also means company and security.  Many runners enjoy pounding the streets alone, but company can spice up a run, provide the motivation of someone to pace yourself with.  If you are in training for a specific event, say a marathon or Race for Life, then you may be able to team up with another runner who is also competing.  If you are simply looking for a fitness activity, the motivation of not letting down a running partner should keep you going; but if you are competing, a group can add a little competition to help you push yourself! They also offer a good opportunity for socializing.  Some groups do organize social events, group runs and other such friendly activities.

Finding a partner to run with is also ideal for those nervous of running alone.  Both male and female runners can feel unsafe, especially when the evenings
draw in again, and using a group can offer safety in numbers, and access to well thought out, properly lit routes.  Another important aspect is access to health information.  Running can be a very simple activity, but if you are serious, then coaching advice is crucial to ensure you work up to your goals and avoid injury.  A club should also be able to give advice on finding a local physiotherapist, sports massage specialist or any other health professional you may need.